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Finding the best wildlife control Martin County Catch and Release service in Florida becomes a lot easier when you know exactly what you’re up against in the first place. Properly diagnosing which kinds of critters you are dealing with will make a world of difference in whether or not you’re able to eliminate these headaches and hassles completely, as well as whether or not you’re able to eliminate these headaches through humane catch and release practices.

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Wildlife catch and release is the name of the game when it comes to humanely and ethically getting rid of any of the pests you may be dealing with on your property.

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Be sure to always work with the right to wildlife control Martin County catch and release professionals to help you safely, securely, painlessly, and humanely remove the pests that have been causing you so much trouble and you’ll be able to sleep a lot easier at night!


Raccoons are nocturnal animals as well as some of the smartest critters you will ever come across in the animal kingdom.

Tremendously curious, raccoons get themselves into all kinds of trouble when they start poking around into things that they have no business getting into. Garbage cans are a special delight for raccoons, and that’s usually how you’re going to discover that you’re dealing with this kind of pest problem to begin with.

Try to work with raccoon removal specialists that will be able to quickly diagnose the situation, set up humane box trap solutions to capture these animals are alive, as well as experts that are committed to relocating these animals safely in a habitat that they’ll be able to thrive in.


Opossums are usually pretty shy and timid, though twice a year – when they are getting ready to reproduce – they are going to become a lot more active and a lot more aggressive.

You’ll be able to spot these large cat sized pests when they move from one hiding spot to the next, and you’ll especially know that they are on the premises if you get to close to them. They hiss like a cat will, only louder and much more aggressively.

Martin County wildlife control professionals will know exactly how to handle these pests without causing them any extra stress. They’ll find their nests, bait them with their favorite foods, and then trap them humanely so that they can be relocated later down the line without any ill effects.


Iguanas are one of the most common tests wildlife control Martin County catch and release professionals come across down here on a day to day basis, though you won’t run into too terribly many people from the rest of the US that deal with these giant lizards routinely.

Capable of devastating a garden in record time (causing all kinds of other issues along the way), these lizards need to be captured quickly and then relocated just as fast so that you don’t have to deal with them any longer.

Choose the best wildlife control Martin County catch and release experts to help you out and you’ll be able to clean out your iguana population in an afternoon!

Wildlife Control Martin County Catch and Release for Squirrels

Easily the most frequently removed pests in all of Martin County (throughout the rest of South Florida, for that matter), squirrels aren’t just going to a know you with their constant chatter but are also going to do a number on your home – and even your vehicle – if they are left unchecked.

Removing squirrels safely and humanely can be a real tall task (just because of how clever these animals are), but the best Martin County professionals will know exactly what it takes to get rid of these squirrels safely, quickly, and completely humanely.

Restoration Solutions

Restoration is a big part of the “catch and release” pest-control program that the best wildlife control services in Martin County have to offer.

Rather than kill these animals that are just following their instincts and playing the hand Mother Nature dealt them, the best professionals in the region will humanely and safely transport these animals to a welcome habitat where they won’t have to worry about bumping into humans in the future!