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Regardless of whether or not you live in a heavily wooded area or somewhere more developed the odds are pretty good that you will have to utilize Wildlife Control Jensen Beach Catch and Release solutions to contend with invasive animals and nuisance critters near or in your home.  It’s also likely you’ll have to fight with these unwelcome creatures in the future as well! Thankfully though, with the help of the wildlife control  animal catch and release specialists you might not have to worry about those issues in the future any longer.

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The most important skill that your choice of wildlife control catch and release experts needs to possess is the ability to effortlessly (and humanely) trap animals that could be a nuisiance to your home or family.

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Safety is of utmost importance. Having unstable animals and critters lurking about could also end up being a health concern, whether it be rabies or diseases from fleas or animal droppings. Ensuring safe catch and release of wildlife, while ensuring a quality clean up and restoration process is essential when choosing an effective wildlife control animal control agency.


One of the largest nuisance pests you’ll come across these days is the raccoon.  It can be unsafe to try and capture these wily animals yourself, especially if they are found to have rabies.  Raccoons are often found lurking around your property at night, when you least expect it.

The signs of a raccoon infestation are relatively obvious. For example, you’ll find plenty of their droppings around and will notice that the garbage has been upended and torn apart.  They often return to the scene of the crime as well.

The wildlife control Jensen Beach catch and release specialists will be able to deploy the right control solutions to capture these animals in humane traps so that they can be relocated later to a safe space that allows them to thrive.


Generally pretty docile – except for when they are about to have offspring (sometimes as many as 13 in a single litter) – you’ll still want to humanely trap and remove any and all of these critters from your property just as quickly as possible.

These animals will destroy gardens, will break into your attic, and will generally wreak havoc on your day to day life if you don’t get rid of them just as soon as you’re able to. Work with the right wildlife control catch and release professionals to help you banish opossums from your property forever and you won’t ever regret the decision.

Wildlife Control Jensen Beach Catch and Release for Iguanas

It’s easy to imagine dinosaurs being absolutely gigantic lizards roaming the earth in the past when you first lay eyes upon an iguana down here in the Martin County area.

These lizards can be tremendously aggressive. You first notice that you might be dealing with an iguana infestation when you see your garden and your plants to be completely torn up and destroyed, and you’ll know for sure that’s what you’re up against once you find the holes that they burrow along sidewalks and near seawalls.

The average length of and iguana in the United States is about 6 ½ feet.  They can be often confused with alligators – especially since they moved so quickly.

You’ll certainly want to have the right wildlife control catch and release professionals handling all of the heavy lifting when it comes time to trap and safely relocate these giant lizards.


Most of the time it’s easy to ignore squirrels completely, but every now and again – like when they try and break into your attic, nest in your garage, or choose through your brake lines on your vehicle – it isn’t anywhere near as easy as it should be.

Quick, small, and very clever that you’ll want to turn to the best wildlife control catch and release experts around to help you banish these animals from your life forever. They’ll be able to trap them using humane solutions, but they’ll also be able to relocate those squirrels without any difficulty, either.

Restoration Solutions

The restoration and relocation services provided by the very best wildlife control Jensen Beach catch and release operations let you sleep easier at night knowing that your pests are in a better place – and that doesn’t mean heaven!

Work with wildlife control professionals like those at Florida Environmental Pest Management that can safely and quickly capture the pests you’re dealing with and relocate them just as easily and you won’t have anything to worry about!