Wildlife Control Hobe Sound Catch and Release

The only thing worse than trying to deal with a critter infestation at your home is trying to remove these animals by yourself without the help of the wildlife control Hobe Sound catch and release professionals in your area!

To eliminate much of the headache, hassle, and nightmare property damage scenarios caused by raccoons or squirrels on the loose, you’ll want to find premier wildlife control Hobe Sound experts to assist you every single step of the way. They use eco-friendly baiting solutions, safe catch and release processes and relocating these animals to a safe habitat.

Here are some important things you’ll want to keep in mind!

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Wildlife Control Hobe Sound Catch and Release Services

Safely and humanely trapping these animals that you’re dealing with at home is the most important thing that you want to focus on when you’re hiring professionals to help you out.

The best and most highly recommended wildlife control Hobe Sound catch and release specialists are going to have a full arsenal of eco-friendly bating solutions, and traps to catch and release various types of critters.

Wildlife Control Hobe Sound Catch and Release Services


Safely and humanely trapping raccoons is often times a lot easier than a lot of people believe the process to be. Sure, raccoons are incredibly intelligent, very crafty, and tremendously creative – but at the same time they are almost too curious for their own good. With the right bait it’s possible for top-tier wildlife control Hobe Sound catch and release specialists to trap these raccoons rather effortlessly.

All raccoons trapped will be gently transported and safely relocated to a raccoon friendly habitat that gives them every opportunity to build new lives away from humans.


It can be very startling to come across an opossum when you least expect it, especially since these pests are so ugly and so frightening looking!

Luckily though, for the overwhelming majority of the year these animals aren’t going to be all that aggressive at all. But when they are getting ready to mate or have their children things are going to get pretty dicey.

They become incredibly aggressive and you’ll want to take steps to remove them from your property quickly, safely, and humanely. Hire the best wildlife control Hobe Sound catch and release experts to implement safe and humane, eco-friendly catch and release solutions for your critter problem.


Prevention is the name of the game when you’re trying to make sure that you don’t come across too many extra-large iguanas down here in Hobe Sound. This means to ensure your fill in ground holes, cut overgrown brush, don’t leave food outside around your home.  But even the most diligent prevention methods may not be able to help you get rid of all the iguanas that are looking to visit your property!

One of the most challenging pests to get rid of (even for professionals) they can also become incredibly aggressive and have very sharp teeth and claws that they aren’t afraid to use on people.

You always want to turn over the safe trapping, transportation, and relocating of these lizards to professionals if you have the opportunity to do so.


These little creatures can cause damage to your home, vehicles, garden and even trees.  Squirrel removal can get expensive and can run up to $500 to remove a family of squirrels that have nested in your attic.  The best prevention is to not leave food arriving around your home, raking the leaves and removal of acorns or lush garden vegetables that may be near your property.

Finding the best wildlife control Hobe Sound catch and release critter pros to assist you in this endeavor is the fastest way to expedite their removal while making sure that they stay safe and live somewhere that they can’t bother humans in the future excavation what

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As you know doubt can tell by now, one of the most important things for you to look into before hiring any wildlife control professionals is whether or not the company has eco-friendly catch and release solutions.

Only choose to work with humane professionals, like Florida Environmental Pest Management, that will relocate the animals that they capture on your property, getting them out of your life forever while giving them the opportunity to continue on their own.