Termite Control Jupiter

The termite control Jupiter we provide at Florida Environmental Pest Management includes tent-free treatment. We are the premier company in South Florida for helping homeowners get rid of termites. For 30-plus years, we’ve been establishing our reputation for quality extermination services and unrivaled customer service. A home is typically a family’s largest investment, and termites pose a very real threat. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t usually include coverage for termite damage, although these insects cause more harm than all natural disasters combined. We take care of pre-construction and preventative treatments as well as extermination and termite control Jupiter.

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Pre-Construction Treatment

When building a new home in south Florida, termite control is extremely important. There is actually a legal mandate that all new buildings be treated for termites. Pre-construction treatment is absolutely the best way to prevent future termite problems. Our treatment to keep out subterranean termites includes a liquid treatment before the foundation is poured. There are also follow-up treatments at various stages throughout the building process. Our subterranean termite treatments come with a lifetime bond for the property. We make it possible for homeowners to have the confidence of knowing their homes are termite-free.

Treatment Inspections

Termites are incredibly destructive insects, doing billions in damage every year in Florida and throughout the U.S. Termites have been known to chew through wood floors and then begin working their way through pianos. We recommend that homeowners schedule regular inspections for termite control. It’s crucial to call for extermination if you see signs of possible termite damage. The following are a few of the signs you may have termites:

• Sagging or blistering wood floors could mean you have termites. Also, if the floor feels springy or more spongy than unusual, contact us for termite control without delay.
• Unexplained cracks in internal walls sometimes occur when termites consume the cellulose found in the wood within walls.
• If you see piles of sawdust, such as in your attic, it may be caused by termites. Attics are at risk of termite damage, same as ground level wooden structures.
• If you discover hollow-sounding or weakened wood on your property or in your home, it could be because termites have hollowed out the wooden structures.
• Sticking windows and/or doors are also possible indications that you have termites.

Preventative Termite Control Jupiter

There may be no current signs of termites and an inspection may verify than your home is not infested. It is crucial to realize that termites could start a colony in your home at just about any time, without preventative treatment. We have two goals with preventative termite control:

1. Deter termites from inhabiting your home by creating an environment that is undesirable for the insects, and
2. Remove any existing potential attractants.
The preventative termite treatments we provide act quickly and effectively, and they are tailored specifically for your property. Our trained technicians know how to evaluate your property, looking for conditions that may attract termites.

To stop termite damage before it starts, don’t hesitate to contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management for termite control Jupiter.