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The Sentricon System is effective at eliminating termites and preventing termite attacks from occurring. Sentricon is the top brand in termite protection. TermitesSubterranean Termite Baiting System - 561-689-8911 are a threat in any region of the U.S. In approximately 5 million homes every year, termite infestations are discovered. South Florida in particular is a place in which many types of termites thrive, due to the warmth and humidity. To protect what is usually their largest investment, homeowners should remain alert to the potential threat of termites. At FEPM, we have highly qualified Subterranean Termite Baiting System Specialists who receive ongoing training in order to provide effective treatment with Sentricon, for excellent termite protection backed by a guarantee.

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Top Benefits of the Sentricon® System

FEPM is proud to offer customers protection from termites using the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology. The system is based on scientific facts about termite behavior. Its proven success has resulted in a rapid rise to the top of all available termite treatments. The following are some of the advantages of using Sentricon:

  • Termites are a huge threat, and do-it-yourself remedies are rarely sufficient, to protect a home. Sentricon is available only through Certified Sentricon Specialists like our experts at FEPM. Extensive training is required before an individual specialist is qualified to install a ring of protection against termites around your home.
  • The termite bait from Sentricon is unique and tremendously effective. Termite bait is situated around a home, and it contains elements that are ten times more desirable to termites than wood. Once the termites begin feeding on the irresistible bait, the elimination of existing termites has begun.
  • Termites cannot detect the active lethal ingredient in Sentricon. In lab tests where termites had a choice, they ate nearly 10 times more Recruit HD termite bait than wood.
  • Sentricon stops the ability of termites to eat, reproduce, and survive.

Subterranean Termite Baiting System - 561-689-8911How Sentricon Works

To reap the peace of mind that comes with using Sentricon, a highly effective termite treatment, contact the specialists at FEPM. Whether you are getting rid of an existing termite colony or preventing future infestations, Sentricon can get the job done. The following is how Sentricon basically works:

  1. Bait stations are placed in the ground strategically around the home. Each station contains Recruit® HD termite bait so termites can immediately begin feeding once they find the station. A service cover is all that is visible, and a special key is required to open it.
  2. Next, In lab tests where termites had a choice, they ate nearly 10 times more Recruit HD termite bait than wood. The lethal active ingredient is noviflumuron, which is shared within the termite colony. As a result, termites are prevented from maturing through molting.
  3. Termites die, when they can’t molt. When the colony dies, the queen also dies.
  4. With continued annual service from FEPM, your home remains constantly protected from termites. The Sentricon stations remain in place and are periodically checked, providing genuine peace of mind.

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