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Here are some commonly found invaders that should be eliminated at their
earliest sightings:

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  • Ants

  • Bed Bugs

  • Bees & Wasps

  • Termites

Argentine Ants Argentine Ants Learn More
Big Headed Ant Big Headed Ant Learn More
Black Crazy Ant Black Crazy Ant Learn More
Fire Ant Fire Ant Learn More
Florida Carpenter Ant Florida Carpenter Ant Learn More
Ghost Ant Ghost Ant Learn More
Pharaoh Ant Pharaoh Ant Learn More
Tawny Ant Tawny Ant Learn More
White-Footed Ant White-Footed Ant Learn More
Africanized Bees Africanized Bees Learn More
Bald Faced Hornet Bald Faced Hornet Learn More
Carpenter Bee Carpenter Bee Learn More
Honey Bee Honey Bee Learn More
Mud Dauber Mud Dauber Learn More
Paper Wasps Paper Wasps Learn More
Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket Learn More
Asian Termite Asian Termite Learn More
Dampwood Termite Dampwood Termite Learn More
Drywood Termite Drywood Termite Learn More
Eastern Subterranean Termite Eastern Subterranean Termite Learn More
Formosan Termite Formosan Termite Learn More
Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Learn More
Acrobat Ant Acrobat Ant Learn More
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