If termites are some of the average homeowner’s most feared bugs, roaches are some of the most hated. Their name is almost synonymous with filth, and they have a terrible reputation. While they are rather nasty and everyone wants them gone immediately, these hardy and resilient creatures can survive almost anything thrown at them.

How to Identify Roaches

The roach is one of nature’s garbage men, clearing up rotting organic material form the environment. They can often be found anywhere there is an available food source, whether that’s trash, old newspaper or your pantry items. Usually blackish or brown, they grow to about 1 to 2 inches in length with some tropical varieties growing much larger. The German cockroach is the species that is most likely to sneak into your house. This variety is medium sized with a reddish brown coloration.

Problems they Cause

Roaches are prolific breeders and can go from a few insects to a horrifying infestation in an alarmingly short time. They can eat drywall and electrical wire, creating damage and fire hazards. Their nests have a distinctly unpleasant aroma. They will both eat your food and contaminate it with their droppings. Shed casings and waste can aggravate lung problems like asthma, sometimes significantly. They are notoriously hard to kill and eradication typically requires professional assistance.


Some roaches will hibernate outdoors in the winter but in your climate-control home, it could be a different story. They are most active in the warm spring and summer months. [supsystic-gallery id=’3′ position=’center’]