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South Florida has a robust natural environment that includes rodents such as rats and mice. One of our specialties at Florida Environmental Pest Management is keeping rodents from invading homes. These four-legged creatures can carry viral and bacterial diseases into your home, along with parasites and fleas. Without steps in rodent control West Palm Beach, your home is vulnerable. FEPM offers environmentally safe methods for getting rid of rats and mice and keeping them away. We can also help with removal of raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and other uninvited creatures that trespass on your property.

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FEPM Eco-Friendly Rodent Control West Palm Beach

FEPM’s technicians are highly trained and apply effective rodent control West Palm Beach strategies. We place tamper-proof bait boxes around the home and bait them regularly, as a way of eliminating rodents from your home environment. For an existing rodent problem, we offer trapping methods that involve non-toxic bait. Equipment is regularly checked by our technicians, for rodent removal and bait additions. The following do-it-yourself tips for homeowners to keep rodents away help to ensure a home is free of four-legged intruders.

Rodent Control West Palm Beach - 561-689-8911Tips for Homeowners to Help Implement Rodent Control

Rats and mice can cause all sort of problems for homeowners, besides carrying the threat of disease. They can contaminate up to 10 times as much food as they eat; and they gnaw away at electrical wires, clothing, and other materials. They can even cause structural damage to your home. Every year, these rodents cause billions of dollars in damage in the U.S. Preventing infestations is priority number one. The following are three do-it-yourself strategies for homeowners to help achieve effective rodent control in South Florida:

  1. Cracks, crevices, and other openings should be sealed up all around the house. Exterior-grade sealant and cement are the best products for sealing a home’s entry points. Metal panels are sometimes used at the bottom of doors and windows, so that rodents can’t chew their way inside.
  2. The exterior of your home can also play a part in providing access to rodents. Preventative measures include keeping weeds, trees, and other vegetation away from the structure of your house. Make sure no branches touch your home exterior. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home, and keep the logs up off of the ground. Don’t leave pet food out at night.
  3. You can also prevent infestations of rats and mice by removing attractors inside your home. Helpful tips include:
    • Don’t leave food out on the counter.
    • Keep food in airtight containers.
    • Throw out garbage nightly.
    • Clean crumbs off of floors and countertops.
    • Do not store cardboard boxes on the floor.
    • Keep clutter to a minimum in bathrooms and make sure there is no standing water.

FEPM Rodent Control Agreements

At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we offer a Rodent Prevention Agreement with rodenticide monitoring and bait box refilling. Our Rodent Exclusion Agreement includes installation and monitoring of rodent traps and glue boards. When you sign on with FEPM, you get the best in South Florida rodent control and the peace of mind that our environmentally friendly products are safe for pets and people.