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It can be difficult to properly fertilize a lawn, and yet it is the most important aspect of coaxing the best color and beauty out of turf. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we get fertilization right, though it doesn’t happen by accident. Our technicians are highly trained, so that they recognize the best approach to fertilization for one yard at a time. The species of grass, the quality of soil, and growing conditions where you live determine the best approach to lawn fertilization West Palm Beach. With FEPM handling your fertilization services, your lawn will get the nutrients required to truly flourish. An added benefit is that we use eco-friendly products for our unsurpassed lawn fertilization West Palm Beach services.

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Fertilization Customized According to Soil Type and Grass Type

The soil in your Florida yard can be completely different from many others in your own neighborhood. In fact, experts say that the State of Florida has eight of the 12 soil types found throughout the country. The experts at Florida Environmental Pest Management base lawn fertilization West Palm Beach partly on soil type. In South Florida, where bogs and marshes are common, soil usually consists of sand, rock, muck, and/or marl.

  • “Marl” is the type of soil found in glades. It’s clay-like, gray in color, high in pH, and holds water well.
  • Large amounts of sand are common in various areas of South Florida. Sandy soils are easier to work with than marl, as long as you don’t have pure sand.
  • Muck has poor drainage and aeration, and it is made up of half-decomposed organic matter.
  • Rock in the soil is known as Miami limestone. Since it doesn’t retain nutrients or water well, plants often struggle to flourish in rocky soil.

There are many beautiful types of grass that grow beautifully in South Florida. Our lawn fertilization West Palm Beach experts at FEPM know what it takes to get the best out of each type of turf. Common types of grass include Bermuda, Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fine Fescue.

At FEPM, we customize a lawn fertilization West Palm Beach plan based on both soil type and the type of grass. The needed nutrients are provided using our eco-friendly products, resulting in green, flourishing growth.

Lawn Fertilization West Palm Beach - 561-220-3745Year-round Fertilization and Lawn Care

Florida Environmental Pest Management offers year-around fertilization commitments. You can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service. There is really no other way for a lawn to exhibit superior care than with a customized lawn fertilization West Palm Beach plan that continues throughout each season. We lay out a schedule that will ensure a lawn has stunning curb appeal all year long. You never have to worry about the materials used, since our products are eco-friendly. Our lawn care equipment is exceptional, as well. The following is more information about fertilizers we use:

  • Enriched fertilizers are brimming with the vital nutrients needed for each particular lawn, including nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Nutrients provide maximum benefits because they are slow-released, to sustain your lawn for weeks after fertilization.

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Specialized lawn fertilization West Palm Beach from Florida Environmental Pest Management comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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