Lawn Care Services West Palm Beach

When you need lawn care services West Palm Beach, look no further than Florida Environmental Pest Management. We provide many lawn care services, including:

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Ornamental and Lawn Spraying

Protects your lawn from- Insects, Fungus and Weeds
Protects your ornamentals from- Insects and Diseases
Every lawn is different, so let Florida Environmental Pest Management tailor a perfect lawn care treatment program to get the most out of your landscape!

Granular Fertilization Treatments

This is crucial to the beauty of your lawn, shrubs, trees and palms. Fertilizer is to plants as food is to you and I. Proper nutrition is crucial not only in development and growth of your landscape, but it also helps prevent insect and disease infestation.

Deep Root Tree and Palm Beautification

These treatments are specifically tailored to help the overall beauty of palm trees and other trees that have either been neglected or just kept in top quality shape. This treatment is a root drench treatment that is injected directly into the root system of the tree or palm. This ensures rapid and positive results for the specific tree being treated due to the amount and type of nutrients that the tree is being fed.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants can be huge problem in any yard. We offer a combination of baiting and foliar lawn spraying applications to rid your yard of these pests.