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Florida Environmental Pest Management provides the best in lawn care services West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. Our technicians are highly trained and know how to ensure that lawns have stunning curb appeal. We specialize in Lawn and Ornamental Spraying, Lawn Fertilization, and Tree Beautification treatments.

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Lawn and Ornamental Spraying

A lush, vibrant lawn is a homeowner’s dream, and Florida Environmental Pest Management can make the dream a reality, thanks to the extensive training of our technicians. Turf is vulnerable to many threats, including disease, insects, and the growth of stifling weeds. In spite of numerous challenges, we know how to coax the best out of turf, ensuring that blades of grass are healthy from root to tip. Our lawn and ornamental spraying formulas are customized for each yard we treat. The formulas include pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, providing yards with all components necessary to thrive. Ongoing maintenance is essential, for long-term results. Routine evaluations are made and issues are addressed early on, which knocks out small issues that arise before they become expensive problems. Regular aeration is included in maintenance programs, to keep lawns healthy and flourishing.

Lawn Care Services West Palm Beach - 561-220-3745Lawn Fertilization

Proper lawn fertilization that promotes growth and health is not easily achieved, without the type of training our FEPM experts receive. Florida Environmental Pest Management technicians become thoroughly familiar with all aspects of achieving effective lawn fertilization. There are different types of soil, with some of higher quality than others. The fertilizer needed for a yard promotes lawn health based on not only the type of soil but also the type of grass. Different soil conditions require different and unique treatments. For instance, when soil contains a lot of muck, which is common in South Florida, there is poor aeration and drainage. Rocky soil presents challenges, making it difficult for plants to flourish. The relationship between the soil and the grass in your yard is enhanced when treated by our knowledgeable lawn fertilization technicians.

Tree Beautification

Tree beautification is essential in South Florida, since diseases and insects threaten every type of tree common to the region. There are many gorgeous trees in the area, including the cabbage palm, ficus, red maple, and oak trees. Tree beautification with the specialists at Florida Environmental Pest Management begins with careful inspection of your trees, to determine their state of health. For each tree, depending on its needs, specially formulated root drench treatment is injected directly into the root system. This method of treatment ensures rapid absorption and best results. The special formulas include fungicides and fertilizers, to restore health and promote growth. For lasting results, ongoing treatment is a must. It is common, for example, for palm drenches to be applied bi-monthly or quarterly. We are always glad to provide advice regarding the health of your lawn and ornamentals, since they could be impacting your trees.

Quality Lawn Care Services

At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we are proud to specialize in Lawn Care Services that ensure beautiful lawns for homeowners throughout South Florida. Contact us today to get started on bringing the dreams you have for your lawn to life.