West Palm Beach’s humid, warm climate attracts termites, increasing your chances of having them in your home if you live in the area. This could be problematic; termite invasions cause over $5 billion in property damage annually. Home insurance policies often don’t cover this cost despite it being a common problem, however.

Fortify your property through prevention and early discovery to avoid spending a huge amount of money repairing damage caused by these pesky invaders. Call in a licensed pest control professional to assess your property in West Palm Beach and identify any signs of a pest infestation.


Identify Signs of Termite Invasion

In some cases, homeowners are not aware that they have termites in their property, often mistaking them as ant swarms. But termites have equal-sized wings while ants have long front wings and short hind wings. They also have distinct antennae: straight for termites and bent at a 90° angle for ants.

Other signs of termite invasion you should look for are:

  • The appearance of termites, either dead or alive. They leave their wings in areas where they swam, particularly near windows, light fixtures, and vents.
  • Presence of mud tubes. They use these lines of mud for travel. Mud tubes are usually beneath flooring, siding, and other exposed surfaces.
  • You see hollowed-out wood components. Termite colonies build their nests in wood surfaces or items. Identifying where colonies live is often challenging because these pests eat wood from the inside out, though. So, knock on wood components in your home, and when they sound hollow, it could indicate termites.

Controlling termites in a home requires professional help because it needs skill, equipment, and pesticides to be effective. But you can still do your part by making the work environment more conducive to controlling the problem.


Preparing for Termite Control Service

You need to prepare your home before calling in a pest control service. Otherwise, the treatment will be unsafe and less effective. Professional pest control operators will inform you about the preparations you need for your home, depending on the procedure. For example, you need to move furniture away from affected areas.

Operators will also request you to be out of the home, depending on how long the treatment will take. When you leave, make sure to bring your pets and plants. You should remove all food and medicines from your home or seal them in bags recommended by professionals. Operators won’t proceed unless you follow their recommendations.

A skilled professional should rid you of your infestation in no time. The best way to spare yourself from the grief of a termite infestation, however, is to keep a swarm from gaining a foothold on your property.


Preventing a Termite Invasion in Your Home

Climate plays a huge role in making it easy for termites to invade West Palm Beach homes. The prevalence of wood as a building material of homes also contributes to this growing problem. To prevent termite infestation, follow these best practices

  • Reduce the presence of moisture in or around the home
  • Fix leaking water pipes, faucets, and exterior air conditioning units
  • Downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks should function properly to divert water away from your house
  • Regularly inspect the foundation of your home for signs of mud tubes
  • Place your stack of firewood at least 20 feet away from your house

If you’re past prevention and already in need of people to step up for the controlling phase, turn to Florida Environmental Pest Management. We offer custom blended, environmental-friendly products to control swarms and protect your home from any type of termite. Our team will inspect your property thoroughly to identify the right solution for your situation.

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