Drywood Termites No-Tent Termite Control West Palm Beach

Virtually Hassle-Free Drywood Termite Solution

We are proud to offer an effective no-tent solution for drywood termite control at Florida Environmental Pest Management (FEPM). Unlike other companies insisting that tenting is a must, when a home has a termite infestation, we recognize that, in reality, tenting is not required. Fumigation is also unnecessary. Our FEPM No-Tent Termite Control gives homeowners the option of eliminating invading termites in a way that is convenient, hassle-free, and guaranteed to be effective.

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Drywood Termites:

  • Produce a six-sided fecal pellet that is small and rigid, looks like coffee grounds or sawdust, and feels gritty when rolled between your fingers.
  • Fecal pellet color has nothing to do with the or color of the wood that is being consumed.
  • Advanced damage can cause blistering or warping of wood.
  • Colony development is slow, but damage can be substantial if multiple colonies are present.
  • Reproductives (or “swarmers”) enter structures through soffit or foundation vents, under shingles, under eaves, and even opendoors and windows.
  • Each swarm is capable of establishing additional colonies.
  • Don’t sleep, take vacations or holidays. They work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You have treatment options. When it comes to drywood termites, you have a choice.

Drywood Termites No-Tent Termite Control West Palm Beach - 561-689-8911 How Does FEPM Drywood Termites No-Tent Termite Control West Palm Beach Work?

South Florida is a big draw for many species of termites, due to the warm and humid climate. Drywood termites are among the most common in the state. Our FEPM No-Tent Termite Control is proven to be effective. We have trained professionals who perform the following steps to wipe out any size or scale of drywood termite infestation.

  1. Our advanced non-repellent product made by our FEPM experts is directly injected into termite galleries.
  2. Next, contact with the treated surface is made by the termites.
  3. The deadly product is distributed to the entire termite colony in what is called the “transfer effect,” once the worker termites return there.
  4. The queen of the colony eventually makes contact with the liquid termite treatment solution, and that is what kills off the entire termite colony.
  5. Common entry points of the home are treated, as a preventative measure.

Advantages of No-Tent Treatment

An enormous amount of inconvenience is involved with tenting a home for termite treatment. Among the unavoidable hassles is that homeowners must vacate their home for a two-day-period and possibly longer. Careful preparatory steps need to be taken, for safety reasons. For example, all uncanned foods must be removed and tree-trimming may be required.

The following are some of the benefits of an Florida Environmental Pest Management No-Tent Termite Treatment. There is NO NEED to:

  • Be displaced from your home temporarily.
  • Remove plants or flowers from your home interior.
  • Remove uncanned foods from your home.
  • Remove cosmetics and medications from the home.
  • Risk landscaping or your roof being damaged.
  • Disconnect satellites or antennas.
  • Trim shrubs or trees.
  • Worry—because our results at Guaranteed!