Most people are guilty of putting off getting professional help for their pest problems because of various reasons. Perhaps they think that they can get the job done themselves or they’re afraid of spending a fortune on Delray Beach Pest Control services. What they seem to forget is that these pests can become a recurring aggravation.

You See the Pests in Broad Daylight

When the bugs and other pests start to make daytime appearances within your home, it means that you’ve got a heavy infestation. Whether you see their eggs or their larvae, whether they’re dead or alive when you saw them, this is a sign of a major problem. Have a Delray Beach Pest Control Company fumigate your home as soon as you can.

You See Gnaw Marks on Your Food Packaging

Since pests need water, food, and shelter, they would naturally want to take residence in a place that has all three – your home. If you begin to see holes in your food packaging that resemble gnaw marks, this means that some rodent was trying to get a meal.

You Notice Structural Damage

Sharing your home with termites and rodents can get very expensive. Both have a knack of causing serious structural damage. While termites tend to burrow their way into your wood surfaces, beams, and flooring, rodents create holes throughout your property and chew through wires because they have to gnaw on stuff to grind down their fast-growing teeth.

Strange Smells

Chances are, the strange odors you notice is a sign of a massive infestation problem. In case you’re wondering, roaches emit this nasty oily smell, bed bugs have a musty sweet smell, and mice have an ammonia-like smell that closely resembles the odor of urine. If you don’t deal with these strange smells as soon as possible, they’ll attract other pests into your home.

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Do You Need Professional Help? Get Delray Beach Pest Control!

If you notice one or more of these warning signs in your home, give Florida Environmental Pest Management a call. You can trust us to conduct a thorough inspection before we create a customized Delray Beach Pest Control treatment plan for your home.