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Pest Control Jupiter

Pest control Jupiter from Florida Environmental Pest Management is reliable and can handle every challenge, including whitefly control. Our services include lawn care, interior pest control, and termite control. Whatever your needs for pest control, call our highly trained technicians at 561-689-8911. The benefits include the service of highly trained technicians, who provide guaranteed results, as well as pest control that is eco-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly. Whitefly control is one of the major concerns of residents in South Florida, and we have the solution.

Reliable Whitefly Pest Control Control Jupiter

A widespread whitefly infestation has been in recent news, due to the extent that the insects are plaguing South Florida. Pest control may be needed for whitefly control where you live, and Florida Environmental Pest Management will provide effective whitefly control. The whitefly is an invasive species that is highly attracted to hibiscus plants.

Treatment is an ongoing challenge, since populations of the whitefly build up resistance to chemicals. As your company for pest control, we know how to effectively implement whitefly management.

There are three primary types of whitefly, and they affect a wide range of shrubs, trees, plants, and palms. Whiteflies do extensive damage because they suck nutrients out of plants while feeding on them. This results in discoloration of the leaves, leaf droppings and honeydew droppings. If you contact us at Florida Environmental Pest Management, your company for pest control, we will provide you with a free estimate.

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Sweet Potato Whitefly Pest Control Jupiter

You will want to contact pest control if you see signs of a sweet potato whitefly infestation. This type of fly is also called the “silverleaf whitefly.” The insect is primarily found in Florida, the Gulf Coast states, California, and Arizona; and it destroys cotton and vegetable crops.

Female sweet potato whiteflies spend most of their lives on the underside of leaves, and they lay eggs there. The flies feed on the plant nutrients, sucking out the sap and secreting honeydew. Sooty mold often develops on plants because of the honeydew. The wingspan of an adult whitefly is about 2 to 3 mm, and the bodies are covered with white, fine, waxy particles. When the host plant’s leaves are rustled, the sweet potato whiteflies flutter up and then settle back onto the leaves. Contact pest control to halt damage caused by sweet potato whiteflies, which includes yellowing and curling of leaves and stunted plant growth.

Spiraling Whitefly Control

Do not hesitate to contact pest control Jupiter if you see evidence of spiraling whitefly damage on your plants. You can recognize their presence because the leaves of trees become covered with honeydew, eventually creating dark, sooty mold on the leaves. These are aggressive insects and the largest variety of whitefly.

Fig Whitefly Control

Ficus hedges and trees infested by fig whiteflies eventually drop leaves until there are few to none left. To keep your hedges looking beautiful, full, and green after spotting white eggs from fig whiteflies on the bottom of leaves, contact (561) 689-8911 without delay at Florida Environmental Pest Management.