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Looking for Loxahatchee Pest Control and Termite Control  Palm Beach County, Florida? Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that pests can’t gain entry into their homes through the tiny spaces that are purposefully left in the brickwork of their homes. After all, weren’t brick home exteriors designed to protect your home from the elements and keep pests out at the same time? The answer is, unfortunately not. Weep holes, the correct term for these tiny spaces that are left open between the bricks on the exterior of your home, were designed to simply provide brick homes with effective moisture control. However, these holes are also a welcome home sign to mice, roaches, ants and a myriad of other pests looking to gain a foothold in your home. Until now, only the use of unsightly weep hole covers have had any success in keeping pests out. However, there is a new way eliminate the pests that have already begun to call your house their home as well as prevent future infestations.


Loxahatchee Pest Control and Termite Control Programs

Pest Control Termite Control Services is the leading provider of quality pest control and termite control can help you not only get rid of whatever is plaguing you inside your home, but keep them from coming back.

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The way we do this is simple. We utilize a three step process that has a proven track record of success:


The first step in our innovative pest control solution is to inspect your home for pest access points. If your home has weep holes, we can use a variety of techniques to block these holes from pests but retain their integrity so that they can continue to provide you with better moisture control for your home. We will also inspect other areas that have been known to be problematic when it comes to letting pests like ants, termites, roaches, spiders, rats, mice, fleas, and ticks into your home and ensure that those access points are sealed, preventing future infestations.


The next step in our pest control process is treating the affected areas. At Pest Control and Termite Control Services, we have in-depth knowledge of various treatment methods for eliminating a wide range of pests. We choose our treatments based on their effectiveness in eliminating your problem as well as the impact the products will have on your home, family and even the environment. It’s our mission to provide fast and effective treatment that has zero impact on your home or the environment.


Our last step is to create a barrier between your home and the pests that want to claim it for their own. It is this barrier, combined with a lack of available access points that prevents your home from being targeted by pests again. It’s the one step that many other pest control solutions overlook and the most vital to any long term pest control strategy.

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