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Important Things to Know When Choosing Rodent Clean Up Services

Mice can not only be a problem while infesting your home, but also after. They leave behind urine and feces than can turn into harmful airborne particles. Deer mice are the most common cause of these airborne particles and can cause hantavirus. This dangerous virus is released when dried urine, saliva, or feces of certain rodents are disturbed. Rodent clean up services like Florida Environmental Pest Management can safely rid your home of toxic substances left behind by rodents. Continue reading for more information.

Rodents & Health Issues

 Deer mice, rice rats, cotton rats, and white-footed mice are known to carry the hantavirus. Symptoms are similar to the common flu, but hantavirus must be treated immediately to avoid lung problems or death in certain instances.

Hantavirus can turn into hantavirus pulmonary syndrome as well as hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. These syndromes can cause fluid in the lungs and kidney problems. You must immediately seek medical attention if you think you have symptoms of either.

If you have a rodent problem contact one of your local rodent clean up services, like Florida Environmental Pest Management. They will be able to identify the species of rodents you are dealing with. Professionals are also able to safely clean up any remnants of pests.

Do not try to sweep or vacuum rodent feces or urine out of your home, this can lead to airborne particles being released. Always call in the professionals when deal with an infestation. They will make sure your home is properly cleaned and safe to live in.

Rodent Droppings

 Mouse droppings are spindle-shaped and about the same size as a grain of rice. These droppings can be found in walls, cupboards, and vents where the mice have been in your home. Most rodent feces are disease causing and must be disposed of properly.

Rodents and their excrements must only be handled by rodent clean up services who know the proper procedures for disposal of this toxic waste. They have plans in place to make sure the entire space is cleaned thoroughly in a manner that is not attainable by an amateur.

They air the entire home out before beginning. Once this is completed all infected surfaces are cleansed and debris is thrown away using non-absorbent gloves and proper OSHA approved respirator masks.

The many steps in this process are followed stringently by rodent clean up services well versed in the practice. Debris is disposed of in a safe fashion and your home will be restored to a safe living environment. 

Cleaning Up After Rodents

 Nests, urine, and feces can all be left behind by rodents. It is important to clean all of the bi-products up once the rodents have been exterminated.

Rodents leave behind germs and diseases in things we can see such as excrement and nesting material, but they can also contaminate areas with their bodies and urine that are not as easily seen.

You must use rodent clean up services to reach all the dirty areas that have been contaminated by rodents. Florida Environmental Pest Management can identify problem areas by finding entry points and nest locations.

The rodent clean up services will use vacuums, remove rodent waste, and disinfect affected areas of your home. Waste will be disposed of properly, floors will be mopped to remove dangerous germs, and countertops will also be disinfected.

Rodent Clean Up Services

 When choosing to have rodent clean up services performed on your home you must choose a company that is knowledgeable with a good reputation.

Some newer companies don’t have as much experience in rodent clean up services. This can be a problem for your family if they do not properly clean up and dispose of rodents and their remnants.

Florida Environmental Pest Control has been in business for more than thirty years. We can identify your rodent problem and solving it for you in a timely manner with top of the line disinfectants and safe cleaning processes.

Call Florida Environmental Pest Control today for a home consultation. We will address any current rodent activity and put a plan in place to rid your home of rodent debris if necessary. It is imperative for the health of your family that you take care of rodents in your home immediately.


Your Home Owners Guide to Common Florida Spiders

Spiders can live everywhere from piles of wood outside of your house to the attic or crawlspace in your home. It is important to have a pest control specialist inspect your living space and surroundings areas for common Florida spiders. Here are a few of the types of spiders most commonly found in Florida and how Florida Environmental Pest Management can help you prevent them.

Huntsman Spider

The huntsman spider is found often on bananas, which has earned its nickname the banana spider. This species is on the list of common Florida spiders since they thrive off warm environments.

These spiders usually have a body about one inch in length and can be found in greenhouses and heated buildings where they like to hide from humans. These shy spiders look dangerous, and have a painful bite, but are not poisonous.

Look for the huntsman spider’s hairy legs which tend to be between three and five inches long and brown in coloring. Many times, they can be confused for poisonous species like the brown recluse or the armed spider of Brazil.

To be sure you are dealing with a huntsman spider or spiders, contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to have an expert assess your personal situation.

Ant Mimic Spider – Castianeira longipalpa

This species of spider is mainly found outdoors in leaf piles and under logs. They occasionally wander indoors and enjoy hunting both during the day and at night. These spiders move in an ant-like fashion, which is where their nickname, “ant mimic” comes from.

These spiders are smaller in size, usually less than an inch. Ant mimic spiders look very similar to an ant and use this to their advantage. These common Florida spiders pretend to be ants to defend themselves against predators.

If you find one of these in your home there is sure to be more. Females lay eggs generally in the fall or summer. Be on the lookout for these harmless, but annoying arachnids in areas of your house that attract moisture.

It can be hard to realize these are spiders instead of ants at first, but regardless it is always best to let a professional handle the problem. If you are seeing more and more spiders in your home call Florida Environmental Pest Management immediately.

Black Widow Spider – Latrodectus mactans

Another of the common Florida spiders are black widows. These well-known and poisonous spiders can cause many problems if not treated. They are poisonous to humans, but also a very shy species.

These poisonous arachnids feed at night exclusively and rest during the day. They are easily identified by the red hour glass shaped marking on the bottom of their abdomens. Black widows can be found in homes and pose a threat to inhabitants especially with children who may be more likely to be bitten.

Keep your hands and other body parts visible at all times to avoid a sneak attack by a black widow. These spiders are normally shy to human interaction and will generally only bite when they feel threatened.

Black widows will need to be exterminated as quickly as possible to avoid any danger to your family. Do not try to handle these spiders. Get professional help even if you only see one of them in your home.

Spider Control

The best way to avoid a spider problem is to take preemptive actions. Most spiders feed off insects, so keeping your insect population in and around your home low is a good idea.

When dealing with spiders they often leave evidence, their webs, in corners and ceilings. Most spiders that gain access to homes do so through broken screen doors and gaps in windows or doorways. Another hot spot for spider activity is unused items such as clothing, boxes, and papers.

Make sure to clear your home of items that are not used frequently to keep spider housing options minimal. Always check windows and doors for gaps in weather stripping and broken screens.

Once you have vacuumed all the cobwebs and made sure your house is secure from gaps for spiders to crawl through call a professional. Florida Environmental Pest Management has staff trained in all of the most common Florida spiders and will be able to identify and cure your spider problem.


Steps to Identifying Cockroaches and & Methods to Prevent these Pests

There are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches worldwide, regardless of species all cockroaches share some commonalities. When identifying cockroaches look for length between 0.7 inches and 3 inches, a reddish-brown to black color, and oval shaped body. Now that you know what to look for in general here is some more information on identifying specific species and preventing these pests.

Florida’s roaches — the American, the German, the Florida woods roach

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is one of the most common species. These pests infest homes and business alike. They are very small and can hide in cracks behind appliances, walls, and small spaces throughout your home.

When identifying cockroaches be sure to use care, German cockroaches have been known to carry 40 to fifty diseases. They enjoy damp, bacteria infested areas as well as warmth from electric outlets and computers.

To reduce areas of interest to German cockroaches come up with a preventative plan with Florida Environmental Pest Management. German cockroaches can hide in door hinges, floor to wall meeting points, and floor boards. They also feed and thrive off garbage.

Keep your home clean and avoid excess garbage near the house. Don’t allow damp areas to remain in your home and be sure to fix cracks in walls and floorboards.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach can be more than three inches long. When identifying cockroaches check for species specific details like the yellow band behind the heads of American cockroaches. They are very common outdoors and in sewer systems.

American cockroaches invade homes while looking for water or food. They enter homes through broken weather stripping, cracks in windows, and garages. Hot spots for this species include the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

To keep these roaches outside make sure your house is sealed well. Keep weather stripping in good order and fix any cracks in windows immediately. Especially pay attention to garage and basement openings that may be over looked.

Check out flower beds and mulch to make sure you don’t have American cockroaches near your home. If you find any evidence of these pests contact Florida Environmental Pest Management as soon as possible.

Florida Woods Cockroaches

The Florida woods cockroach can be distinguished by their foul-smelling liquid when threatened. It is easy to identify cockroaches like these when you can not only smell them but see them well since they can be around 1.5 inches.

These cockroaches are mainly found outdoors and in hot humid environments, like Florida. This species can sometimes enter homes in search of heat and leaky pipes. Bathrooms and basements are two of their favorite hangouts.

Making sure all pipes are in good repair and your house is well sealed from pests is the best way to prevent these cockroaches. Look for them as they are usually quite large and noticeable.

Be aware that this species of cockroaches is found outdoors in trees, wood piles, and leaf piles. They are black in color and do have wings, even though they are hard to see. Keep them out of your home with ongoing preventative care like Florida Environmental Pest Management’s baiting system.

Health Concerns

There is no getting around it, cockroaches are disease carrying, dirty pests. They can obtain filth from damp corners and decaying matter which they have crawled through.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) they can carry germs that cause diarrhea, leprosy, typhoid fever, and many viral diseases. They can contaminate food and even cause allergy and asthma problems.

You must know how to identify cockroaches to be able to treat the specific species of pest you are dealing with. Hiring a professional pest removal service is a must when it comes to cockroaches.

Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to effectively identify cockroaches in your home. Their trained professionals will be able to identify the species and source of your infestation. This is very important for the health of your home and family.


Help! Very Small Ants are Invading My Florida Home.

Ant invasions are very common in many homes in Florida. Among the most common ants, we have pharaoh, carpenter, odorous, sugar ants and black. If you are trying to figure out how to eliminate this problem, identifying the species you are up against is the first step. However, for someone who barely has any expertise and training in entomology, it can difficult to differentiate these tiny insects. Florida Environmental Pest management has over 30 years’ experience and dedicated employees to help you with any pest control issues and any very small ants in Florida homes.

Common Florida Ant Types

Ghost ants: The name ghost ant was attained from its size and its pale color that makes it almost invisible. Ghost ants are about 1.3 to 1.5 mm long and give out a coconut like smell when crushed. These tropical ants have been in central and south Florida for many years. They move from one area to another mostly during shipping in potted plants, household goods and boxes. Ghost ants feed on honeydew that is collected from plant feeding insects.

Sugar ants: Also known as banded sugar ants, these ants are attracted to sweets, pills, stains and any food traces in homes. In terms of their size, they range from 2 to 15 mm. Their colonies can be found in holes in woods, between rocks and around the twigs of trees. In the wild, they live in forests, woodlands and heaths. The mild mannered ants do not sting unless disturbed in which case they bite to defend themselves.

Are You Attracting Very Small Ants in Florida?

Ants are constantly in pursuit of water, food and shelter. They explore every possible place that is accessible through crevices and cracks within several hundred feet. Eliminating the source of food and water is the most recommended way to go about it. This can easily be done by cleaning dirty dishes, mopping and scrubbing your place regularly.

Ant Control

Before attempting any ant control, ensure you know what kind of ant species you are dealing with.  Different ants have different ways of being controlled.  For example, while using baits is effective for eliminating Pharaoh, it is not effective for other ants.  Since very small ants in Florida have a tendency of multiplying very quickly, the best way to go about it generally is by following the ants back to their colony and treating the colony directly.

You can use non-repellent sprays to kill the ants by transfer or contact since they are undetectable.  The ants track the insecticide to the nest and in the process transfers it in the grooming process.

Florida Environmental Pest management has expertise and a vast experience in correctly identifying the very small ants in Florida. We employ professionals who have gone through extensive training to ensure your property and home is safe. As a customer, you can be rest assured that there is no pest control issue that cannot be handled. We stand out because our products are eco-friendly and custom blended specifically for your home.

Alternatively, if you have not had the very small ants in Florida in your home, preventive measures are highly recommended. This can be done by identifying the entry point of ants in your home and taking action before they get out of hand.


Should I Be Worried about Soldier Termites in My House?

Knowing how to identify a soldier termite in your house can mean the difference between preventing an infestation and dealing with a costly problem. What does a termite look like? Where do they live? How can I tell if I have termites? Here are a few tips to help you figure out if it is time to call Florida Environmental Pest Management to handle your termite problem.

Soldier Termite Infestation?

Termites live in nests, also called colonies. Within these colonies there are social tiers called castes. Soldier termites are responsible for the protection of the colony.

When the nest is disturbed soldier termites protect the colony by plugging any vulnerable areas of the nest with their bodies. During the process of protecting the colony sometimes you may see a soldier termite in your house. They mostly attack other intruders, like ants, by biting them. Soldier termites sometimes bite humans when handled, so be careful if you plan to pick one up.

Termites can be stopped using chemicals applied by professionals. It is imperative to use these chemicals as soon as possible to prevent the further spread of the colony.

If you find a soldier termite in your house you must take immediate action. Schedule a consultation with Florida Environmental Pest Management to assess the level of your infestation.

Identifying Soldier Termites

To identify a soldier termite in your house look for termites with elongated bodies, larger heads, and those that are red, light brown, or white in color.

It is easy to confuse a soldier termite with a worker termite. They are very similar in appearance, both can be reddish-brown or white.

Look for larger termites with bigger heads to distinguish soldier termites from workers. Another tell-tale sign is the distinct head shape.

Learn what soldier termites look like so that you can identify them in your home. Look for termites with darker heads and larger bodies to be sure they are soldier termites. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to rid your house of unwanted visitors.

Soldier Termite Damage

If you find a soldier termite in your home you will need to be worried about other members of their colony as well. Soldier termites do not actually eat wood, but they communicate to the worker termites that do.

If you notice problems like sagging wood floorboards, termite tunnels running up exterior structures, small holes in your drywall, or bubbling paint that is similar to water damage you may have a termite infestation.

Damage from termites can be irreversible. Try to catch termites early on by paying attention to wood that sounds hollow when tapped, mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets, and any wood damage that follows the pattern of the wood grain.

If you do find a soldier termite in your house call in the professionals immediately. Keep track of where you see evidence of the colony to point out to the professional.

Termite Inspection Services

Our trained staff of professionals can identify your termite problem, help to correct it, and prevent future termite infestations. There will not be a single soldier termite in your house by the end of a treatment plan with Florida Environmental Pest Management. Our experts use state of the art equipment and proven methods like IR thermometers, moisture meters, and termite detections systems to rid your home of the intruders and prevent a recurring infestation.

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