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Boca Raton Pest Control and Termite Control Services

Boca Raton Pest Control and Termite Control Services are a necessity for homes in Florida. Mice, like most other household pests, are attracted to our homes for many of the same reasons that our houses are so attractive to us. Our homes provide shelter and a constant source of water and food. One of the easiest ways to get rid of mice is to remove the reasons they come into your house to begin with. Place food in airtight plastic containers and take care of any water leaks you may have in your plumbing. Lastly, seal off any openings you may have that a mouse might be able to use to gain access to your home. This last step might be a bit tougher since mice are very small and very adept at navigating small spaces. However, it is this last step that is the most crucial when trying to get rid of mice. Learn more on how you can protect your home with our Pest and Termite Control Services.


Boca Raton Pest Control and Termite Control Services

Another effective way to get rid of mice is to employ the use of natural predation. Adding a cat to your household is an effective deterrent and a great way to get rid of mice without the dangers of using harsh chemicals. Cats are efficient hunters and can get rid of mice very quickly. Consider adopting one from your local animal shelter.

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Mouse Control

Effective mouse control systems employ a number of techniques including the removal of attractants such as food and water. However, without a permanent solution, mouse infestation is bound to happen again and again. Mice can gain entry into a home through openings as small as ¼”, meaning that they can slip into the spaces between the bricks of your home, known as weep holes.

Of course, there are plenty of other access points that mice can use to gain entrance into your home. Pest Control and Termite Control Services can help you eliminate a mouse infestation and keep them from coming back by inspecting your property and sealing off entry points that mice can use to gain entry into your home as well as creating a barrier around your home that discourages them from coming back. It’s part of their innovative three step pest elimination process that works for mice as well as ants, termites, roaches, spiders, rats, fleas, and ticks.

Pest and Termite Control Services is the leading service provider of Pest Control in and surrounding areas because we provide safe, effective and affordable pest control solutions for a wide range of common household pests. All of our technicians receive continuing education in the use of the latest in pest control techniques, equipment and products to ensure that we provide fast relief from pest infestations with no impact to your home, family, pets or the environment.

So, whether you have a mouse problem in Palm Beach County or other uninvited guests, let Boca Raton Pest Control and Termite Control Services help you eliminate those pests and prevent them from coming back once and for all. Call Florida Environmental Pest Management at 561-689-8911 or click today to schedule an appointment or to simply learn more about our innovative solutions for Pest Control.